Spies of Khorvaire

Episode 1: The Frying Pan

The last of your gold and contacts has been spent getting to this place, an abandoned chapel on the furthest outskirts of Passage, House Orien’s largest transportation hub in Aundair, the most renowned magic using nation on the continent of Khorvaire. You have been burned from your previous jobs, without any clear indication of who issued the burn or why. Opening agents to the potential of going freelance is not something agencies want, so it is in their best interest to keep your identities private from the public, and remove you from the temptation by way of an arrow to the head. These are your problems, but of course the headlines are all about a Sentinel Marshals by the name of Talfen d’Deneith finally taking Elvira Crowfinger, a war criminal and renounced General of the Emerald Claw, into custody.

The chapel is dilapidated and about as sketchy as they come. Three candles flicker in an upper window- the sign that the meeting of those in the same situation as you is on. You enter in your own fashion, and study each other in the instant matter to which you have become accustomed. You see (they describe themselves). You also see a sixth in your predicament, a female Elf with the Dragonmark of Shadow peeking out of her black-stained leather armor. “I am Althaea d’Thuranni,” she says, revealing herself to work for the Elf House of Shadow. “I figure the best way we can get through this is to divulge what we know to one another. Secrets, and equipment, must be shared. To this end, I have procured a pack (of your mundane equipment) for each of you.”
A pane of glass shatters and you ready your applicable weapons. The arrow smashes through the back of Althaea’s skull, the head protruding from her mouth. She collapses, convulses a moment, and then lies still. All goes silent.

A Perception Check notices the crickets have gone silent, and the crunch of grass under boots is on all sides of the building. Typical protocol dictates the strike team would fire on them as soon as they figure out who else is in there.

COMBAT: Dark lanterns attack.

As the last member of the strike team falls, you notice a second, much larger wave approaching by torchlight in the night. You would not likely have time to gather resources before taking them on, and would risk losing your anonymity. You may be able to lose them in the city by working together.

As you pass through the city, the organics fall behind quickly. Kai thinks fast, kicking open a manhole cover, and you splash down below the streets. The warforged pursuers keep up, and you turn to face them without onlookers.

COMBAT: Dark lanterns attack. Half the team goes down, but they are saved by a mysterious shifter who missed the meeting.

With your new allies, you feel a surge of hope for your survival and clearing of your names, but have also seen one of your equals die without warning. You take up shelter in a large warehouse right by the tracks of the outbound lightning rail if need of quick escape arises, and decide to rest before considering your options.



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