Spies of Khorvaire

Episode 2: The Intel Game

Two days have passed since the events that brought your to work together. The city guard has quieted, knowing only of an attack on an abandoned chapel and a chase through the city. In a large city like Passage, these are not worth more than a passing interest, if that. More attention has been paid to the intense rainstorm in the area. Sleep has been fleeting, with the trains leaving at all hours within feet of you.

Parcival brings up that any official agency would have the dossiers on their burns, and the closest by far would be the local headquarters of the Royal Eyes. A clear escape route to smash through the sixth story windows, which means putting a safe landing in place ahead of time, with a way to get to the Lightning Rail.

The team establishes there is a homeless man who always watches the same secret door. Upon investigation and distracting him, they find a trap door into the base.

In an environment such as this, you can largely blend in by simply acting like you belong there. You move through what amounts to any other business office, full of file cabinets and secretaries. You come to the point Parcival warned you about, the room with the alarm pulley and the guards. Expedient and quiet takedowns need to occur, but most important is keeping them away from the alarm, no matter the cost.

Encounter: Guards

The files are easy enough to find, but are down a mantrap of electrified floor tiles. They notice the safe sections are labeled, but each of six rows lists dangers and safeties in different languages: Elvish, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling, Giant, and Draconic. Parcival, being a linguist, knows enough of the languages to get them through.

Through the windows burst a guard you didn’t expect, part of the building itself. A gargoyle blocks your way to the escape route. Accompanying him are a pack of highly trained magebred mastiffs. At this point, it looks as if you will have to deal with them to make your escape. The door behind you begins pounding and humanoid voices demand it be opened, and the Lightning Rail horn can be heard in the distance, about forty seconds off.

Encounter: Gargoyles

You smash through the remaining window, landing as you planned. With the knowledge you sought firmly in hand, you jump on a Lightning Rail just as it leaves. It will be hours until the Eyes can figure out what happened here, and even then, they aren’t missing anything, and can’t necessarily trace it to you.



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