Spies of Khorvaire

Episode 3: Dead Man’s End

Still on the cargo train from Passage to Wroat, in the regional headquarters of the Royal Eyes. Although the official letters reveal far less than you had hoped, you do find they were all put out by the same man, an Aundairan noble by the name of Vanan Arkalis. Mysteriously, they were also all issued on the same day, confirming there is a connection. You don’t have long to discuss this before a small device plinks to the floor. Kai is the first to react, shielding his eyes as smoke begins to billow from it. You move to defensive positions behind nearby crates, preparing for the attack that appears as the wind of the car door opening clears the smoke. Let’s see if you were surprised.

Encounter: Assassins

After this, they bring up that these assassins do not match any agency’s signature style, especially the Royal Eyes, because they didn’t use magic, which the Eyes consider a matter of pride, and others wouldn’t use such wide-spread violence, as much as a surgical extraction).

Arkalis apparently lives in a lavish home in the middle of sprawling vineyards, with no buildings but his servant’s and some stills for dozens of miles around. The home is reminiscent of a southern plantation, with large columns and multiple floors. Servants as young as eight bustle about, their minds on their work. You are led up a curved staircase to a solid walnut door. The servant leaves you there. “The master has not seen anyone today, but the doormen seem to insist you are…” he sizes you up, “worth it.” You enter, and a portly human sits behind a large desk, smoking a cigar.

Investigation reveals that this is an illusion. They locate the real body, and Parcival finds a piece of paper in the victim’s hand with one word scrawled hurriedly upon it in Goblin. This is the old Dhakaani name for the region that now houses one of the most prosperous cities on Khorvaire: Fairhaven. They also find Treasure Package I.

As you collect the last item, the guards bust in the door. “A courier just arrived,” one shouts, “reporting that these are assassins!” and they draw steel.

They put the commoners to sleep and slip past the guards by making another illusion of Vanan. They also question the courier, who is an Orien who knows little.



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