Spies of Khorvaire

Episode 4: Connections

Following your only lead, you have doubled back past Passage and have spent the last two days gathering survival resources in Fairhaven, one of the largest cities of Khorvaire, let alone Aundair. After gathering some intelligence one day, you come back to your warehouse, to notice movement in one of the windows.

After Parcival sneaks in, Squanch recognizes the intruder.

Squanch is the first to lower his guard, and you all notice this. An older Gnome with a scar on his left cheek sits on a pile of crates, his muddy boots up on the table. Most noticeable is the fact that his fashion sense is incredible. “Who are your friends, Stumpy?” He asks. “I hope they’re trustworthy. I heard about your little… situation… and I could really use your help, in trade for pay you cannot find elsewhere.”

In conversation, he covers the following:
- He faked his own death to get out of the Trust. Since then, he has been acting as a professional freelance thief.
- In response to the attack on Thaliost, he was hired by the Aundairan government to steal an Eldritch Machine from Karrnath.
- At the time, he did not realize that it was a chemical weapon capable of killing thousands, and asks for help putting it back so the balance of power in the nations is not interrupted. He will pay with goods and information on their burns.

Once they agree:
- Vanan Arkalis worked for an umbrella organization, an intelligence agency with no official sanction, which is a direct violation of the Treaty of Thronehold. It is they who burned them, and with a purpose, but it is unclear.
- Payment is made in advance, and includes one potion of healing to each character. In theory, this is by going out and shopping for these things, so they don’t have to risk blowing their hiding spot.

It is revealed at this time that Vistra has some sort of addiction, and Ray Ray had the resources to supply her addiction.

The best way into the government building is through the sewers.

Encounter 1 in sewers

They slip past the guards and into the vault, which is protected by an Iron Defender. Ray Ray, while invisible, takes the item for himself and slips out, mentioning he is going to sell in to Cannith East.



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