Elvira Crowfinger

Emerald Claw General and Terrorist


Elvira Crowfinger is a Halfling Female former General of the Emerald Claw. The Korranberg Chronicle released on the day the PCs meet report her to be responsible for the destruction of the Glass Tower in Sharn, and recently detained by the Sentinels Marshal.

Parcival’s mentor, Lancer, fell in love with Elvira and claimed she is not guilty of these crimes. She was apparently an agent for the Institute, who falsified records in order to finish her off without losing her knowledge.

After her note was found with Parcival’s mentor Lancer, she approached the party and asked for their help killing Ms. Aleria, who she blames for the developments in her life during the campaign. Instead, they opted to side with Ms. Aleria and Elvira has been returned to custody. If she actually killed Lancer or not is a point of debate.


More on this character as the story develops.

Elvira Crowfinger

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