Parcival (PC)

Cursed Former Royal Eyes Thief



  • Skilled locksmith – Expert proficiency with thieves’ tools
  • Polyglot – Speaks every language common to Khorvaire without an accent.
  • Ciphering – Skilled code maker and breaker.
  • Forgery – Skilled at falsifying documents and mimicking script/handwriting.
  • Shadow magic – Able to use power of his curse to manipulate the minds and senses of those around him.
  • Ritual Casting – Understands and can utilize magical formulas.


  • Severely nearsighted; requires spectacles
  • Multiple aliases on Sivis blacklist
  • Shadow magic curse is slowly killing him; death expected 1004 or sooner
  • Shadow curse marks on right arm are extremely sensitive to light: exposure causes intense pain.


  • Agent wants current research into cure for shadow curse
  • Clip, street “sister” with whom agent secretly maintained contact in violation of orders
  • Lancer, agent’s mentor and sponsor for recruitment.
  • Insatiable curiosity: agent is easily led by promises of new lore.


Parcival’s birth date, parents, and even original nationality are unknown. He grew up on the streets of Fairhaven, stealing and begging to survive. All references to him from constable reports and witness interviews include reference to his spectacles as well as his moniker “Specs.” By the time he was (estimated) 9 or 10 years old, he was making a living translating among factions and merchants and it is suspected that he spoke at least four languages fluently by this point.

By 12 or 13, he was working for one of the slum crime syndicates as burglar. During this point, he gained a reputation for stealing books from his marks along with whatever else he was intended to steal. He claims to have read over 1,000 books before recruitment.

At estimated age 14, Specs was assigned to rob a merchant nobleman. Unbeknownst to him, this mark was Lancer, a Royal Eyes agent. The young burglar was captured. Impressed with the young man’s capabilities, Lancer sponsored his entry into the Royal Eyes with the code name Parcival.

Parcival excelled in his training but made few friends: His piercing intellect and scholarly awkwardness made him less than agreeable to be around. He was in the field within one year: His use in retrieving highly sensitive information, forging orders, and coding communications was critical to several initiatives during the last years of the war. When he was 17, Cyre was destroyed. In the months that followed, everything was chaos. Every nation blamed the others and espionage hit a new peak of importance as each of the remaining nations vied to ensure that whatever destroyed Cyre was not turned on them.

It was on a mission during his 18th year that Parcival was struck by the curse that is slowly consuming him. He was sent to retrieve an artifact that divination magic identified as a threat to Aundair. He made it past keep’s security without any difficulty, but, once he touched the shimmering stone, it shattered and a single shard lodged into his right hand and then disappeared beneath the skin. The pain was incredible and it was only force of will that got him back to a safe house before losing consciousness.

Divination revealed that he’d been cursed with some sort of shadow energy. This curse was spreading up his arm and would eventually reach his heart. At best, this would kill him: At worst, it would transform him in some fundamental way. The pain now only comes when the marks, which look like ink stains climbing his right arm, are touched by bright light…especially sunlight.

He learned over time that he could use the power of the curse to influence others’ minds and senses, though doing so was painful and seemed to accelerate the spread of the curse. He did so gladly in the service of the Eyes to ensure that Aundair was preserved in the wake of Cyre’s fall.

Parcival (PC)

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