Ghorad'Din Spy and Friend of Vistra


The Half-Elf Sheekantu always worked well with Vistra in the agency training, and had a kind of Hermione/Harry thing going on, being good at very different subjects and helping one another through assessments. When Vistra went into deep cover, Sheekantu did the opposite, becoming a known double agent working for the Trust (Zilargo/Gnome black ops), kind of an, “Exchange student,” thing. She was specifically, “bought,” by the Trust as a Ghorad’Din safe cracker. On your last night together, she confided in Vistra that the only reason the Ghorad’Din agreed to this is because they suspected the Trust had information that a rival house, Cannith East, was ramping up to some, “Serious shit that could make them more valuable than Kundarak.”

Sheekantu was a talented archer and enchanter, and was recruited to the agency due to her terrifying natural ability to create nightmare realms believable enough to wrack the dreamer’s body apart. The downside? Every person on which she used her ability took years off her life.


More on this character as the story develops.


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