Squanch (PC)

Gnome Enchanter, True Believer in the Trust


Squanch was orphaned at a very young age. He was raised by Ray Ray who was an agent for the Trust. Squanch began working for the Trust at a very young age (perhaps the youngest “asset” ever). Squanch achieved notoriety for his unusual proficiency in enchantment (the vast majority of Trust magicians being Illusionists) and his unquestionable loyalty. This loyalty was put to the test when Squanch participated in the “interview” of Ray Ray regarding his “disloyalty” and “treasonous” behavior. While living with him, Squanch didn’t specifically doubt Ray Ray’s loyalty to Zilargo, but wondered if he ran a side business. Probably not selling information or anything, but likely keeping trinkets from his exploits for the Trust. Still, his skill as an enchanter and a poisoner were astounding. Squanch owes a lot to him, but always kind of wondered why he took him in while he was still a field agent, and therefore in danger. When the Trust brought Squanch in for an interview, they told him it was to see if Ray Ray was ready for a promotion. Of course Squanch helped tell of his exploits, at least what he knew. As it turned out, Squanch’s participation was pivotal in extracting a full confession, and assumes Ray Ray dead.

Squanch believes wholeheartedly in the Trust. He is stupefied and traumatized by his burn order. He sometimes wonders if he should turn himself in, maybe he was accidentally treasonous. Squanch doesn’t fully trust his companions, many of them don’t even know of the safety and security the Trust can provide, but what choice does he have.
Luckily when the burn notice went out Squanch had been cultivating a new cover identity and had not yet registered it with the Trust. Presumably it is still safe and may prove useful.

Squanch (PC)

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