Vistra Grunblud d’Kundarak (PC)

Deep-Cover Ghorad'Din Agent Bent on Revenge


Growing up as the daughter of the owners of Grunblud’s Vault provided certain privileges, such as daily cremecaccas from the halfling family that owned the bakery next door to their vault in Korren-Thiven in Upper Central. It was a Dwarven delicacy that the bakery made specifically for her family as a daily thank you for the loan that they provided in order to start the bakery. Vistra loved them and she loved helping out around the vault. You never knew who might walk in and what types of interesting stories would ensue. But, never knowing who might come in was not always a good thing, it could also take a simple day and turn it in to nightmare.

“Come on Vistra, you’re always such a trugenhoff,” said Diesa. Her twin sister was fond of using this Dwarven word to describe her (loosely translated to “yellow belly scaredy cat wimp puss”). Diesa was trying to convince Vistra to climb up the rafters and peer down on their parents as they interacted with the handsome wealthy dwarf who had just walked in. As soon as he entered their family’s establishment their mother, Gretta, had shuffled the girls in to the back telling them to stay out of site and not come out until they were told. Diesa was always more adventurous and more nosey than Vistra.

“Mom and dad told us to stay in the back Diesa, we should listen to them,” said Vistra.
“No way! I’m not going to miss out on a potential juicy conversation with the most handsome man in all of Sharn!”

Ugh, Vistra was always drawn in by her twin’s antics and shenanigans, but she didn’t want her sister to go without her so fine, she went, but she didn’t like it. They climbed the rafters and peered in on the conversation. They couldn’t hear all if it but the gist was that their parents didn’t seem to want to do business with the man. Something about him being “dirty” and “unlawful”. Eventually the handsome dwarven man who had beautiful reddish hair and a scar running along his left cheek bone, managed to convince them to let him use their vault. Their father, Ygelton, held up his finger basically saying just this once and then that’s it. Vistra was scared, she could tell that this was a bad man, but when she looked over at Diesa there was a very different reaction, it was like she had cartoon hearts floating around her head. Shiiit, thought Vistra.

Spoiler alert, It wasn’t just that once, the man continued to come in and use their vault. It was the same each time, he spun some sort of tale about how it was totally on the up and up and why was Ygelton getting all up his face about it, and c’mon its’ just storage of some totally legally acquired gold and jewels and such, sheesh. Until one fateful day, when he spotted Diesa, her thick red hair flowing down her back, her smoky brown skin smooth as butter, and her beautiful green eyes. And that was that. He had to have her, and she was so taken with him, there was nothing their parents could do.

Of course Gretta and Ygelton tried to talk sense in to Diesa, “He’s a fucking gangster Diesa! He works for the Aurum. He’s a murderer, a thief, and who knows what else!” It was already too late, Diesa wouldn’t listen to reason, and frankly she just didn’t care if he was a gangster, maybe she even kinda liked the bad-ass nature of it. Vistra didn’t know what to do, she loved her sister, was close with her, but she had a terrible feeling about this. Their father pointed to the large writing on the wall in the vault entryway: Never again will the clans of the Ironroot serve a master other than themselves. The famous words of Guldark Mroranon, dwarf diplomat. Their father was fond of referring to this saying to keep his family on track for being independent, hard workers.

“If you go with Oskar Rumnaheim, you will be serving a master other than yourself. You will be no daughter of mine!” said their father. His words fell on deaf ears and Diesa left saying goodbye to her family. Vistra couldn’t stop crying as she watched her sister leave and rip their family apart just to be some mob boss wife. How could this be happening? In the months that followed she watched how sad her parents were, but they never spoke of Diesa again.

Years passed and her parents never did see Diesa again, but Vistra would sneak out and visit her sister. She watched as her sister sported a new bruise every time she visited. The excuses growing more and more ridiculous each time. But she always had a new dress, new jewelry, the best food, and a life of misery. She eventually became addicted to a drug called Kamendula (one of the drugs that Oskar illegally sold at his casino). She also had 5 kids with Oskar.

Meanwhile, Vistra helped at her parents’ vault, fell in love with a wonderful dwarven man named Grayson, and eventually somehow ended up doing administrative work for the Ghorad ‘din (later she found out that they had always planned on figuring out a way to get close to Oskar to take him down and that’s why they reached out to her and hired her in the first place). One day she was approached by the leaders of the Ghorad ‘din and was asked a lot of questions about Oskar and her sister, finally Vistra put 2 and 2 together and she said, “I hate that man. I hate what he has done to our family and I hate what he has done to my sister. If you want to take him down, I could get close enough and we could end him. I’m not a scared trugenhoff anymore”

She spent the next couple of years gathering intelligence on Oskar and getting training to become an official spy. When she finally thought she had enough, she made a fatal mistake. She went to her sister and told her what was going to happen. She told Diesa to make sure to be out of the house on a certain day, that she was working for the Ghorad ‘din and that they were finally going to take this bastard down. Diesa was high on Kamendula of course and shocked and didn’t react so well. Saying that she loved her life and why didn’t Vistra want her to be happy! Uh oh. Vistra left confused, not understanding what her sister could possibly see in that monster.

Two days later her sister contacted Vistra asking if they could meet. They end up meeting in a dark abandoned building in another area of town and Diesa reveals that she told Oskar everything, warned him, and that he was angry and was going to put a hit out on Vistra. In fact this whole meeting was a trap for Diesa to get Vistra in a dark abandoned building so that she could be killed. But Diesa had a change of heart, she loved her sister and couldn’t bear the thought of her being killed. She regretted all the choices she had made and had come up with a plan to make things right. So she convinces Vistra to switch clothes with her and take her place as Oskar’s wife, take him down from the inside and raise Diesa’s children and keep them safe. Vistra agrees. They change clothes and Vistra offers to help keep Diesa safe having the Ghorad ‘din put her protective custody or something while she pretends to be her. And suddenly a flash of light knocks them both to the floor. Vistra gets up and grabs her sister looking in to her green eyes. “Noooo!,” Vistra screamed as blood ran out of Dies’s chest. She had been blasted with some sort of magic and killed. Whoever it was must have thought that Diesa was Vistra! Diesa looked at her sister and said, “Don’t be a trugenhoff now Vistra. Take him down, care for my children, and tell mom and dad I’m so sorry for all the pain I have caused. I love you so much.”

Vistra was crying so hard she barely felt the hand on her shoulder. She looked up and it was one of Oskar’s goons. She was immediately scared and ready to poison him when he said “Are you alright Miss Diesa? I’m sorry we had to kill your sister but you know it was the only way. Thanks for helping to set this up so that we could get this taken care of. She worked for the Ghorad ‘din, there was nothing we could do, but I know she was your sister and that was a tough decision. We should take you home now, a little Kamendula will help you forget all about this horrible situation.”

It was all happening so fast. What about Vistra’s boyfriend Grayson?! He would now think that she was dead! What about their parents? They will think that Vistra is dead! This was turning out to be a bad day indeed. In order to not raise any suspicion Vistra also became addicted to Kamendula, and honestly it probably helped with the ridiculously fucked up nature of, you know, the whole thing. She snuck off to the Ghorad ‘din to fill them in, and they were in support of the new plan. Vistra convinced them that now that she had assumed Diesa’s identity they could really take him down for good and work against him from inside.

It was horrible to be shunned by her parents as they mourned her death, watching Grayson go through the pain of losing her was almost unbearable. But Vistra knew that if she just focused on the plan she could right all of this by taking down Oskar, ensuring that the kids were taken care of, and then when all that was done she could tell her parents and Grayson the truth and everything would be better.

A couple of years have passed now, somehow Oskar never questioned any of the possible differences in her, not really paying much attention to her unless he was smacking her around and forcing himself on her, yuck dwarf rape. But one of the kids, her oldest nephew Simion, started to suspect something was amiss with his “mother”. Over the years Vistra has pretended to be Diesa, to work against Oskar from within, she has also continued her work doing other spy projects for the Ghorad ‘din becoming a well-known agent within the group for infiltrating a variety of crime rings. Sadly she has had to poison some of the servants and employees of Oskar who began to suspect her, she’s not proud of this but she knows her cover must be protected at all costs. She has made some friends in the agency like Sheekantu a lovely assassin. But then there’s Agent Leopold who thinks she is enjoying her fake life as a mob boss a little too much, like maybe she’s gotten too close. But fuck that guy, he’s a dick. She has also made friends with some of the people that work at the casino and at her house, the ones that she hasn’t had to kill. She is very close with her oldest niece (pretend daughter?), Sandya.

Things were going along seemingly well and on track until one day recently she found a package containing an amulet, some documents, and a red swatch of fabric. She didn’t think much of it but she did report it to her bosses at her weekly check in meeting. Later that week she finds herself with a burn notice! Running for her life. Had Oskar found out who she was and is using a ruse to kill her? Did Simion find out the truth about his “mom” and turn her in? Had Agent Leopold finally gotten what he wanted and decided to end her for good? Did she somehow find out too much about something that the Ghorad ‘din was trying to hide? All she knew is that she had to get out of the house and go on the lam. She didn’t have time to grab anything except the package (with the amulet/documents/red swatch of fabric ) and took off in to the shadows of the night. She has since been living in an abandoned building in another part of town, the one where her sister was killed, and has assumed the name Triasta and has just been keeping her head low and collecting info. She found out that other spies in other organizations have also been burned recently and she is committed to getting to the bottom of this and taking down Oskar for good. Finally she and Grayson will be together, they can raise her sisters’ kids together, her parents will be so glad to know that it was Diesa that was killed and not her, and the mournelands will flourish once again, and then everything will be fine (I mean except that she’s addicted to Kamendula, had to murder mostly innocent people to hide her cover, and her oldest nephew hates her, but otherwise everything will be just fine, right? Right?! RIGHT!?!?!)

Vistra Grunblud d’Kundarak (PC)

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