Package 2: The Aurum Vault

Items from Episode 6


It certainly wouldn’t hurt to make the most of breaking into an Aurum vault.

  • Eversmoking Bottle: When you use an action to remove the stopper, this bottle creates thick smoke out to a 60-foot radius. Each minute it this bottle remains open, the smoke grows by 10 feet, out to a maximum of 120.
  • Robe of Useful Items: By tearing the patches of items off this robe, you gain a real version of it. It has 3 daggers, 2 bullseye lanterns (filled and lit), a steel mirror, a coiled 50-ft rope, 2 riding horses with saddlebags, 4 potions of healing, a 24-ft ladder, and a rowboat.
  • Sending Stones: This set of stones are magical walkie-talkies that last for 6 seconds each day.
  • Interfector Mortis Poison: This strange and incredibly rare material seems to act as a poison to undead, or prevent one killed with it from returning as undead.
  • Platinum-Ringed Locket: This seems to be some sort of high-ranking Aurum trinket worth not only a fair amount of money, but some sort of intrinsic value to the organization as well. Perhaps it could be used in an inventive way?

Package 2: The Aurum Vault

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