Package 4: King Kaius

Items from Episode 13


King Kaius has rewarded your efforts with not only items from his armory, but his person!

  • Ring of X-Ray Vision: (Attuned) You can use an action to speak this ring’s command word and see into and through solid matter for 1 minute, out to 30 feet. This can penetrate 1 ft of stone, 1 inch of metal, or up to 3 feet of dirt. Lead blocks this vision. Whenever you use this ring more than once before taking a long rest, you must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or gain one level of exhaustion.
  • Rapier of Life Stealing: (Attuned) When you critical with this blade, the target takes an additional 10 necrotic damage, and you gain 10 temporary hit points.
  • Dagger of Venom: +1 to attack and damage. Once a day as an action, black poison coats the blade. The victim of the next attack must make a DC 15 Constitution save or take 2D10 poison damage and be poisoned for one minute.
  • Bracers of Defense: These grant you a +2 AC if you are not wearing armor or using a shield.
  • Mantle of Spell Resistance: While wearing this cloak, you gain advantage on saves versus spells.

Package 4: King Kaius

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